titles are a bitch, but lets say "wife", "step-mom", & "USNavy milso"

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a little advice from my life to yours.

Being a 20 y/o woman and stepping off the beating path of what you always thought your life would turn out like is hard. It’s scary. It’s stressful. This is the time in your life when you make the bed for the rest of it. You decide your career, you start dating potential life-partners- it’s emotional overload. And some of you, like I did, will realize your whole life plan is all wrong for you and you make a change.¬†

I’m here to let you know thats OKAY! Everyone needs to find their own happiness, we all need to face life in a way that will make it work for us. You’re going to have ups & downs, you’re going to make mistakes but sometimes its worth taking a risk that could put you off the beating path (I gave up a full scholarship to a very nice university in order to find my own happiness within my soon-to-be military family AND I LOVE MY LIFE).

You just might find you like the person you become.

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